a design abused house becomes “The Lik-Eichler” pad

On a 4200 square foot lot , a late 1960’s design-abused house discovered its courtyard mid-century roots in Eastside Costa Mesa.  This home was a labor of love in setting a new notion of courtyard celebration and inspired detailing.  Teak, supili, african mahoghany, mangaris – the signature woods. Tile from Spain, Italy and France. Craftsmanship and design by Turbo. [click  an image below for slide show or to walk the pad at your own pace.]

“This home isn’t just a place to live, it’s a work of art. Life’s too short to live somewhere that doesn’t inspire you.” – @Kevion Founder KASE Real Estate . So nicely said by a man who really gets it – in the larger context of the phrase.

Materials + Handcrafted + Play + Fire + Landscape + Lighting + Art  Yes

likeichler tour bgcreativedesign

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  1. Looks great thank you Darling ! ❤️ We need my correct phone number though 😂

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