Character | the unexpected in an increasingly generic world.

It delights and excites.

It differentiates and is talked about.

It’s our mission, served two ways.

what we do

VROOMfast character

Find the right race-sport-classic car and make it a car worthy of  ‘magazines’.

Ready for a new whip?

LIVE | slow character

Find an ‘ok’ house and create a residential experience where people knock on the door to buy it.

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The Cars

5 1966 Mustangs /Shelby  |  7 Ferraris  | 8 Race Cars  |  25 Porsches  

That about sums up “Turbo’s”  passion for fast and cool.

We’ll find you a great car and then make it right using the best craftsmen in the industry.


The Radical – sold


1966 Ford Shelby – sold

1966 Shelby bg creative

much more to come…

The Homes

The number of times someone knocked on a BG Creative place…and bought it.

John has been re-creating homes for over 20 years. 12 so far and counting…

The Villa – Irvine

A production home goes wonderfully one-of-a-kind. The challenge was to make an awkward ’90s floorplan live beautifully.

The “LikEichler” – sold

A late 1960’s design-abused house is rediscovers its courtyard mid-century roots in Eastside Costa Mesa. Favorite quote…”The details are the design.”

“Life’s too short to live somewhere that doesn’t inspire you.” – @Kevion Founder KASE Real Estate.

Click  to see the virtual tour and more

Indo-Sheen – sold  

Indonesian meets modern in an Eastside Costa Mesa Bungalow.


Playful Art Gallery – sold

A 1970’s “contemporary” Huntington Beach home becomes an art gallery/boutique hotel.

hb mobile

Quonset Storage Hut to Office 

A Costa Mesa quonset hut becomes an office for a car enthusiast entreprenuer.


Coming Soon

The homes with MIA pictures | The Downtown Loft, The Tiki house, The Spanish Ranchhouse | Art-ec Town | Classic Home with a Twist

About BG Creative

John “Turbo” Manning

John is a certified design-freak and perfectionist for things that can be made stunning.

From engines, parts,  lines, and sound to architecture, colors, and spaces that can make you feel as if you are lucky to be there.

So where does this love for good design come from? The capital equipment side of the printing industry of course.

Holly Manning

Holly is the owner of HM-2, a strategic marketing firm for large scale real estate developers. Market research; the finance side of the business that John doesn’t want to deal with; and another point of view on design  are her world for BG Creative.


The List